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Email Marketing

Email Marketing: Best email marketing services

  • Javatpoint provides the best email marketing services for the last 11 years in India. We have designed large numbers of emails for our customers. We are using easy-to-use templets that have been generated as the need of the particular Email. Our company considers that email marketing is direct marketing to clients related to the product and services. And that outcome of business is higher as it creates direct sales.
  • Email marketing is part of internet marketing, which is regularly used in digital marketing; basically, it is used to send a commercial, promotional email to the current and potential customers. And the Email could be promotional, advertisements, solicit sales or donations, and business-related.  
  • It is an effective way to get audience interest just by sending an email to their inboxes, where the audience will likely to click the link. Our email marketing strategy provides the best email marketing services that make the audience urge to click.
  • The primary purpose of our email marketing services is to get the audience’s trust, provide brand awareness, and building loyalty. In this, we will send the email messages to the old and new clients to build up a relationship, gain customer loyalty, and for continuous business with the customers.
  • Our email marketing services provide direct communication with customers. In the late 90s, users preferring this type of email message to the spam and blocking the sender. For enhancing the credibly with customers, they start pushing content through the target audience without taking the help of any spam removing software and automatic filters. 
  • This type of marketing allows digital marketers to see the response or feedback from the user in real-time, and they can also monitor that their campaign is productive enough to fulfill the market penetration.

Why email marketing?

Following are the reasons why we should consider our agency’s email marketing services:

  • On the daily basis, 92% of users are checking their email every day.
  • 10 billion people’s uses email applications.
  • 85% of users would like to receive promotional emails from the organization they do business.
  • And 1/3 of the user will purchase the products and services from the emails.
  • The average return on investment is $45 on every $1 spent in email marketing.

The real fact of using our email marketing service is that our clients check their emails daily, and they want to get an email from the company they do business with. They only need it if we are providing them the valuable email content. 

featurette-headingFeatures of email marketing services

Our company provides the best features for email marketing. Some of the features are listed below:

  • Send Email from your domain name address

Our email marketing services offer multiple features to send an email from the customer’s domain address, like 

  • Useful tools to create and manage the mailing list

We can get several useful tools where customers can generate and manage their mailing list for fast and secure email marketing.

  • Import and export tools for the mailing list

With the help of our email marketing services, customers can import and export the entire mailing list database and the subscriber’s database by using our multiple exports and import device.

  • A simple and functional control panel

Our email service provides a control panel to manage emails and also gives a well-organized way to see the multiple reports.

  • Bounce handling

Our email services are also ensuring the bounce handling such as in hard bounce ( wrong spelling in email id’s, incorrect email id’s and miss to write the @, .com, and email are sent to the genuine person only, etc.) and the soft bounce.

  • Analysis and insights

By using our email marketing services, the customer can provide analysis and ideas with the help of diagrams, various graphs, and results of the reports. 

  • Control panel on the go 

If the customer wants the advantage of our email services, they can get a control panel that does not need any other software installation to use, and it can also be accessed easily from their computer system.

Email marketing services

We provide email marketing solution to the customers since 2011.

We delivered various email marketing services to our happy customers, which are as follows:

  • Easy to understand the text
  • Recall value of Email
  • Excellent design for emails 
  • Campaigning status
  • Help and support

Email marketing strategy 

  • Data collection by studying audience

Data collection is essential to know our target audience’s views and expectations.

Our digital marketers at seo.javatpoint, a leading email marketing agency, and try to get all related insights about our clients based on our email signup form. Our email marketing service provider asks the title, company name, and location type of information from the clients. 

  • Examining the objectives

Our email marketing provider, make sure that our customer does not distract from the unnecessary CTA’s and fulfill the purpose of sending the Email. It is essential to get the attention of our target audience because most of the audience spend less than 2 seconds while seeing an email.

  • Designing and Structured Email

Here our email marketing professional makes sure that Email used for conversions has to present strong CTAs and related content.

That’s why we are offering the best email marketing services to the clients because we understand the purpose of completing the needs of our customers by generating the leading pages which consider the stability in the elements.

  • Optimization

Our team sends the emails which address the specified requirements of the customers, with the help of the segmentation, analytics, and previous customer activity.

Optimization helps us to ensure that all the newsletters are generated as per the good email practices and fit perfectly as per the target audiences.

  • Evaluate and Report

Our email marketing solution tracks and measures the results to check whether the email marketing services are getting the expected results or not.

For this, our team keeps the record of open-rate, click-through-rate, and bounce rates (hard and soft bounce), overall sales, and conversions. 

Our team

In our email marketing agency, we have experienced digital marketing team that can make any campaign successful as they always have email marketing strategies. In our email services, we provided a uniqueness, which means that each mail differs from the first one, which gives a good impression on the customer’s mind. has been providing email marketing services to customers across the globe with the help of creative and innovative ideas of our email marketing team. 

What makes seo.javatpoint, the best at email marketing?

  • We are best at email marketing because we have an optimized email marketing strategy, which includes the engaging, mobile-friendliness, newsletters which help the customers to keep in touch with their audiences, and also enhance the traffic to their website.
  • Our team keeps track of the customer’s activity by email surveys, event logging, open and click reporting, which means that whenever a customer will open the Email and perform some action, it will be saved in the history that makes increase in our sales purchase.
  • Our email marketing team keeps the record of the contact list within the well-organized way to update and clean the bounce processing. According to the smart bounce rules, an incorrect email address will delete automatically.

Why clients choose our email marketing services?

Our customers are choosing us because of the following reasons:

  • Our email marketing services had the best deliverability, which gives the 100% open rates and 100% anti-spam
  • Our companies ensuring the 100% data security and under privacy norms compliant.
  • Our email marketing team provides powerful multi-channel campaigns, 24/7 availability, self- service, and so on.